Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free Spyware Protection With Anti Spyware Software

All computers are prone to corruption. In most cases this takes the form of spyware and adware which infects computer files. Spyware in general does minimal damage and is easily dealt with using free anti spyware software. However, in some cases these infections can infiltrate integral programs such as the system registry and potentially damage you operating system. If you wish to keep your computer safe and secure, you should download spyware protection.

Can I Remove Spyware Without Anti Spyware Software?

Malware or malicious software can be present on anyone's computer. Most users will not realize they are infected until the damage has been done. Since most malicious programs infect the system registry, it is imperative that these infections are removed before the damage becomes irreversible. However, removing malware can prove difficult if not using software. Once malware has infected the registry it modifies a selection of registry keys, allowing it to replicate. This makes it extremely difficult to remove because it now has the ability to re install itself, even if you delete what you think is the infection.

There are ways to remove spyware without software, however, this can result in data loss and further corruption if care is not taken. Here is how you could go about it;

    Create a back up of the registry
    'Hidden Folders' must be allowed
    Click 'Control Panel' and then 'Add/remove programs'
    Scan through and un install any suspicious looking programs
    Click 'Run' in the start menu
    Type 'regedit'
    Find online a list of potential registry threats and search your registry for these
    Delete these entries, taking care not to delete vital keys
    Turn off your computer and restart

The reason you must take extreme care when deleting entries from the registry is because deleting but one wrong file can lead to complete system failure. The registry contains options and settings which run the computer from start up and is very vulnerable to corruption. With the right software you can be sure that your registry will be thoroughly scanned and only corrupted keys will be deleted. A lot of spyware removers may not contain a registry cleaner which is why you should also take care in searching the internet for suitable anti spyware software.

Where Can I Find Free Spyware Protection?

You can download software which will scan your registry and your computer files, deleting all corrupted and infectious files. This is a highly accurate and stable way to root out problems folders on your system and prevent further corruption in future. Some programs offer some extras such as a secure delete function and automatic scheduled scans, allowing you to maintain a high level of performance

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