Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Windows XP Registry Repair Methods

Although you may have read various different methods of repairing your Windows XP computer's registry, most of them really don't work, or don't benefit your computer at all. However, from experience I can tell you about some methods you can use for Windows XP registry repair that actually work, and will benefit your computer to the highest extent.

Actually, the best method to repair your computer's registry is probably also the easiest. You can use registry repair software which actually do all the work for you, and do actually benefit your computer by making it faster, fixing errors, preventing crashes, and many more. This kind of software can be operated by almost anyone, and most of the time, it works at the click of a button.

A faulty or corrupt registry on your computer will without a doubt cause some major problems on your computer. Whether these problems are visible, or behind the sense, you should definitely be getting them fixed. Repairing a faulty or corrupt registry is extremely easy when using software, and can benefit your computer massively.

However, these useful registry repair software's don't come without a price though. In fact, I have recently seen one selling for over $100! Don't be alarmed though, as you won't have to pay this price if you are looking for quality. My very favorite registry repair software costs only $35, and I really do believe that it is better than all the rest. Don't spend too much on registry repair software, as for a good quality software you really should not be paying any more than $50.

There are other methods for Windows XP registry repair, but I am telling you from experience that using a software to do all the work for you is the best decision. I have seen people trying to repair their computer's registry manually before, and it has taken them hours upon hours when a registry repair software could be doing the same job if not better within only a few minutes.

If you still insist on repairing your computer's registry manually, or simply cannot afford to fork out around $35 for software, then you should really do a lot of research, and learn exactly what to do first before you begin manually trying to repair your registry. The slightest mistake could have a fatal impact on your computer, and leave it in a much worse state than what it first was.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Easy Steps to Registry Recovery

If you experience slow PC performance or if unknown errors pop up in the middle of operating your computer, then probably, your registry has a lot of errors that have to be fixed. If you have taken no steps previously to maintain the windows registry, it is time to educate yourself about registry recovery. Most computer users panic when they see the blue screen of death often and this is mainly because of erroneous registry. When you have any of these signs, these are symptoms of a bad registry and if you don't concentrate on cleaning the windows registry, you will probably end up with a system crash. Thankfully, software developers have simplified the process of registry recovery requiring minimal intervention from computer users.

For registry recovery, you need to have the necessary software in your computer. Several registry cleaning products can be downloaded from the internet. There are free registry cleaning programs and paid premium products. It depends on your choice to choose the right product suitable for your computer. If you don't have important information in your computer, you can very well take advantage of free products. On the other hand, if you are serious about protecting your computer containing sensitive data, you have to invest in buying a registry recovery software. Several products are available online and a wise step is to read the reviews before buying any product.

Once you have installed the registry recovery software, you are two steps away from recovering your registry. Irrespective of the number of errors in the registry, you can easily recover the registry with the use of the recovery software.

To start the registry recovery, you have to perform a deep registry scan with the software. Open the software to find a start scan or scan registry button. Clicking on this button will start scanning the registry. It is better to close other applications to provide the full system resources to the scanning program. Some recovery products will create a backup of the existing registry. This backup will be used to restore the system incase anything wrong happens in the middle. If you running registry scan for the first time, it may take several minutes for the scan to complete. Wait patiently until the scan finishes.

After the registry scan, the recovery software will list the errors found in your registry. Don't be horrified when you find hundreds of errors. It is common for the software to find more than a hundred errors even for a sparingly used PC. There will be a fix problems button in the scan report. When you click this button, all the registry entries will be deleted from the system registry to clean it. Most of the software allows you to the selected problems will be fixed. You can very well let the software to delete all the errors because you always have a backup. You have to run the software frequently though not daily, to maintain an error free registry. After using the software, you will surely experience a boost up in the PC performance. All the applications in your computer will load much faster and the desktop will also be loaded quickly.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Speeding Up Your Windows Machine

When you have used your Windows machine for a while, you are quite likely to notice that its performance is comparatively much slower than it used to be. You may blame it on adware and viruses but you will be surprised to know that the slowing down of Windows over time is in fact absolutely normal. If the lethargic performance of your system is affecting the efficiency of your work, you will be happy to know that usually, you can deal with this problem quite easily and all on your own!

Your computer's performance can be improved both through speeding up your software and your hardware. Software speeding up can be as simple as tweaking some of your windows settings, spring cleaning your memory or changing your program settings. On the hardware end, updating your hardware components and using the right BIOS settings can go a long way.

The simplest trick here is to ensure that you have the right hardware to support your Windows OS. Your processor version, RAM and hard drive configurations work together to facilitate your computer's performance but updating the RAM alone can have a noticeable impact on system speed and operability. The BIOS is another often ignored but high influence option. Computer companies often update BIOS versions to address system errors, add features or simply to enhance performance, so make sure you are using the latest version of the BIOS at all times. Tweaking BIOS settings like Boot Order, Quick Power on Self Test and Chipset features can also speed up your system boot up. To enhance the performance of your installed hardware, check that you are using the latest versions of all device drivers.

Users can accumulate a lot of software and data over time which clutters up the computer and slows it down. Start by uninstalling some of your unused applications and program files like games, unused browsers, and messengers. Similarly, clean-up your desktop by organizing all your documents in your My Documents folder and sub-folders. Boot up is much faster with desktop shortcuts than the actual files sitting on your desktop. Another handy trick is to hasten Startup by shortening the list of programs that Windows runs. Remove unnecessary programs from the list and you can fasten the start up process significantly.

Some other options to speed up your system performance are using Windows features like Disk Cleanup and Disk Fragmentation to periodically de-clutter your hardware space. Also try to use the simplest visual effects and themes at all times because animations and high-end graphics require much more time and graphics power than simpler images.

Most of these tricks are easy to use but remember the golden rule of deleting computer files - when in doubt, do not delete. Also remember that most computer issues are easier to fix than you may think so always start with the easiest tips first and when in doubt, research it online or consult a professional.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Computer Freezes for No Reason

When I see my computer freeze for no reason, there is obviously a problem that needs to be dealt with. A frozen system is not only an inconvenience, but if it isn't addressed, the freezing can cause a person to lose any documents they were working on, make the PC run slow, and may even damage the hard drive itself. Fortunately, there is a way to help prevent this problem from occurring. Getting a top quality registry cleaner software can help speed up your PC quickly.

A person can use a registry cleaner as an easy and affordable way to help them maintain their PCs, and help them avoid the damage a locked-up system can cause. There are many programs available that will clean a registry efficiently, and, some of them are even free. Here are a few examples of some of the functions a good program provides:

An efficient program will properly cleanse the machine's browser, and can also keep a person's surfing history private by erasing it. This is possible because the feature wipes the browser clean of everything; including the many cookies one inadvertently creates when they surf the Web for information, sign up for things, or when they are just checking out sites on the Internet. The privacy tool goes to work getting rid of all traces of where an individual has been, thus keeping his or her personal information from getting into the hands of the wrong person.

Another good program feature to have is one that gets rid of fragmentation on the system. When someone uses their computer continually, the registry that holds all the many pieces of data becomes bloated with fragmented bits of a variety of information. This is garbage that is not necessary, or good, to keep in a system. This tool is essential because it gets rid of the fragments, freeing up extra space in the hard drive.

A start up manager feature is also a great tool. Many times people don't realize that they have unnecessary programs automatically starting up each time they turn on their system. The start up manager makes it possible for one to go in and see what is running automatically. From there he or she can choose to stop a program, or choose to let it continue running.

Yet another good way to vanquish unneeded junk from a system is to run the system cleaner tool. This tool cleans up a computer's junk files and gives the operator the option to send them to his or her trash file, or delete them directly. This feature alone might speed up someone's system significantly.

When a computer contains errors on its hard drive, it is nice to have the use of a tool called a disk doctor. The disk doctor reads the hard drive line by line, and if it finds errors, it notifies the operator that they must be fixed. From there, the person simply follows the instructions by restarting the system, and the tool fixes the errors it has found.

So, when I see my computer freeze for no reason, there is definitely a problem, and also definitely a solution. All one needs to do is to use registry cleaner on his or her PC routinely. This will not only help to keep things running as smooth as possible, but may also prevent something disastrous from happening later. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software and would highly recommend it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scan and Clean Your Computer Using Registry Cleaner

Nothing can be more aggravating and frustrating than a slow computer. This is especially true for those people that use their computers on a daily basis. Learning more about how you can speed up a system will allow you less downtime and can also help protect personal information as well. Check out this information about why you need to scan and clean your computer on a regular schedule. Getting a top quality registry cleaner software can help speed up your PC quickly.

The great news is that you can download registry cleaners for free. By using a registry cleaner, you can greatly improve your computer's performance. The registry keeps up with every detail about every action that takes place in a system. When it gets bogged down and messy, your PC feels the effect by also slowing down. In a sense, the registry is like a huge file box that keeps all the information necessary for your computer to run.

One great part of the registry is stored data about the programs that start running upon start up. The average PC user might not be aware that several programs firing up during start up can slow down performance. This is especially so if the registry is full and chaotic. By using a registry cleaner, these files are put into the proper places for easier access. You might compare it to a cleaning house placing things where you will be able to easily find them again later.

Every page you visit on the internet is recorded in a system registry. The reason for this is that storing the data will allow you to get back to that same page faster. However, there are many pages you may never revise again. When a registry is full of this recorded data, you will see a significant slow down in performance. Using a registry cleaner at least once a week will help to clean up temporary internet files.

Another aspect you can consider for helping to maintain your systems is disc defragmentation. Think back to the big file box and imagine all the files cluttered and out of order. This is what happens in a computer with stored data. After a while of using it, pieces and bits of files end up cluttered and when you start up your system, locating all these bits and pieces to put them together takes a long time. In some cases, it can even take up to half an hour or more for severe cases.

Many registry cleaners you find online for free include several tools for cleaning up a hard drive and freeing up usable space. By doing so, a system runs faster during use and boot time. Making sure you select the cleaner that is safe and efficient is important.

Reading reviews written by professionals and experts can help you to find the registry cleaner you should use and other software that is important for you to include as well. Making sure you have virus protection and protection for spyware and malware is vital for you to protect personal information used online. All these important aspects can be covered in several reviews.

Learning how to scan and clean your computer can help a lot in making sure the system runs faster and is protected. Start looking for the software you need for cleaning up the hard drive and set up a regular schedule for cleaning it up. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software and would highly recommend it.